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Silver bullion

Buying silver online can be a great way to get a bargain, but unless you're careful it can also be a way to get ripped off. Make sure you only buy recognized items from big name mints. Also, never be tricked into purchasing "100 Mills" silver. What you're usually paying for when you buy a 100 Mills bar is a relatively worthless lump of silver plated copper - it might look pretty, but its bullion value is practically zero.
Silver bullion
Silver bullion
20 oz .999 Silver Bullion Long Cast Bar by Scottsdale Mint #A397
Silver bullion
Silver bullion
1 oz. Silver Eagle Design Bar - Lot of 10 Bars (Sealed in Plastic) SKU48249
Silver bullion
Silver bullion
Roll of 20 - 1 oz Buffalo Stackable Silver Round .999 Silver (Lot,Tube of 20)
Silver bullion
Silver bullion
100 oz. RMC Silver Bar - Republic Metals Corp (Pour) .999+ w/Serial #
10 oz APMEX Silver Bar .999 Fine - SKU #88929
100 oz Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) .9999 Fine Silver Bar
1 oz APMEX Silver Bar .999 Fine Lot of 10 - SKU #81774
2 x 10 oz .999 Silver Scottsdale STACKERĀ® Silver Bars #A248
Republic Metals Corporation (RMC) 1 Kilo .999+ Fine Silver Bar
2017 Buffalo 5oz .999 Silver Medallion by SilverTowne